Thanks to Liisa, at 10:25 this morning I was able to spot him in the two smallish trees just west of the benches in Wee Stinky Glen. He was eating some of the dessicated fruit in one tree (crab apple?), then went down to the water to get a drink, then flew back up and spent quite awhile in the tree with small yellow flowers (cornellian cherry?) preening and sunning himself. When he isn't moving, he can be surprisingly hard to spot - only his breast is brightly colored - but he is completely lovely!

Thanks also to Vanessa Ng who posted such a great description of the pattern of his movements a week or two ago - he must have read her post, he followed it to a 'T'.


On 3/17/2016 12:50 PM, Liisa S. Mobley wrote:
At 10:15 am, the bird was sitting in the little tree in the courtyard by the 
back entrance to the Cornell store, in the sunshine.  I seem to find him most 
often in sunny areas; I don't know if he's just easier to spot, as the yellow 
feathers glow more brightly, or if he likes to sun himself.

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