While checking on and looking for crow nests around Ithaca, mostly to NE side 
and Cayuga Heights, I am encountering numerous vultures swooping low through 
neighborhoods, just sailing around looking for your backyard carrion, I 
suppose.  But my impression is that there are more than in years past, and 
closer, lower and more “residential”.  

In my view, the crows have had a lot of reason to attack as the vultures have 
come within 20-30 meters of nest sites, looking pretty predatory.  Yesterday, I 
watched an acrobatic event between crows and a low swooping couple of vultures 
over Pleasant Grove Road near Forest Home and Hasbrouck community buildings 
yesterday, with the vultures having to dodge and sail pretty fast, after they 
dropped in over a nest.  

Am I just not remembering past years, or are there more vultures close at hand 
over residential and campus Ithaca?


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