For last couple of days there have been some new arrivals in my neighborhood. 
There is persistent Eastern Phoebe who is declaring my neighbor's yard as his 
own. There are two Northern Flickers, one in the backyard of my northern 
neighbor and the other one is two houses left of me. Both have been in a 
flicking duet almost all day.  There is also a Carolina Wren, he visited my 
yard a couple of times but remains mostly in the house opposite to me across 
route 79, but he is also very vocal often changing his phrases.  My Song 
Sparrow now he is occupying mostly my neighbors yard hedgerow has also arrive 
in last two days and has been singing on and off.

Plus, a Pileated gave a visit to my yard this afternoon. I also feel happy when 
a bunch of Juncos feed on the native grass seeds.

While working in the garden today I saw an eagle flying very high in the sky. I 
ran into the house to get my binoculars, by the time I came out he had 



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