I filled my feeders yesterday and broadcast lots of seed today.  Wow did I get 
a lot of takers!  I had a huge flock of blackbirds , Red Wings both male and 
female, Grackles, Cowbirds, and Starlings.   I did get my regulars too.  There 
were Cardinals, Blue Jays, Gold and House Finches, Titmice, Chickadees, Juncos, 
Tree Sparrows, Song Sparrows as well as House Sparrows.  It was hard for the 
little ones to get to the food due to the Blackbirds.  I had a good number of 
Robins which looked very pathetic in the driving snow storm.  I saw them eating 
crab apples and scavenging along the driveway. I threw  out some blueberries on 
the driveway.  It took forever for the Robins to find them.  No fall out of 
Pipits here, unfortunately.  My only new birds were the female Red Wings.  The 
Cooper's Hawk made a fly- by and landed briefly in the cherry tree.  It was a 
very birdy day.  I do wish the Blackbirds hadn't stayed around all day.

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