I encountered a Common Raven alighting and foraging in the wettest spot in the 
NE corner of the field at Freese x Hanshaw (a spot just SW of the corner 
signs). The nearest pair of crows was quite upset at this, diving at it, but it 
didn’t even look at them while landing. 

 It captured something quite frog-like, used its feet in some way to carry it 
up and transfer the prey to its bill, and flew off East down Hanshaw.  It got 
out of sight before I could see where it went beyond old Ludgate Farms.  Quite 
possibly the same one/pair that I have encountered foraging along Hanshaw just 
a bit north of 13.  But after that, where???  Could there be a raven nest 
fairly close to Sapsucker Woods?  

Also, for those keeping track of raptors:  a) for the 3rd time since Thursday, 
a Broadwing Hawk was circling overhead in the vicinity of the DeWitt Middle 
School playing fields; b) a Merlin pair is back on Christopher Lane area since 
early last week and as of today, appears to have successfully harrased our 
oldest female crow (19 years old) off her nest and established their access to 
the nest.  


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