While biking home this evening around 8pm, I heard what I'm pretty sure was a 
Merlin calling from a deciduous tree behind 210 Park Place. Without binoculars 
I never sighted the bird. It was calling very continuously, with a few breaks 
in between and some "chink" calls reminiscent of grosbeak. There are a couple 
of evergreens nearby that could be candidate nest sites.


> On May 25, 2016, at 8:41 PM, John Confer <con...@ithaca.edu> wrote:
> It is a ittle premature to count my eggs before they hatch, but ... .
> Last year at this time 2 of seven Merlin nests in our area had failed, 
> probably predation.
> This year 5 of 5 are still going strong, including the easily accessed nest 
> in the top of a white Pine on South Titus St. behind Meadow Court Lodge. This 
> can be watched from your car without disturbing the pair, which are already 
> exposed to lots of human activity. The first eggs of any nest will probably 
> hatch in a little more than a week.
> I found the Wells College nest thanks to someone who said they had heard a 
> Merlin on campus, which was passed on to me, which inspired me to spend a 
> pleasant half hour walking around the campus. It is about an hour drive one 
> way for me, which is a little hard for monitoring survival a couple times a 
> week, or better even monitoring prey brought to the nest. 
> I am trying to determine Merlin nesting success in urban areas near Ithaca, 
> and the prey species brought to the nest. Anyone interested in monitoring 
> that nest?
> John Confer 274-3978
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