Recently we have been seeing something we’ve never had occur at our feeders 
before.  A Downy Woodpecker has become a regular visitor to our hummingbird 
feeders!  Our H-bird feeders are of the ‘flat’ square variety attaching to 
window, and a round variety—but flat surface—hanging from a porch.  Anyway, we 
were surprised to see a woodpecker (tending to usually be a female) actively 
feeding from the feeder.  At first I thought the Downy might be getting 
insects, but then I could see the liquid moving—and realized it was actually 
sipping the nectar!!  We do have a ‘dripping’ bird bath water supply, but I 
guess it is just not enough for the Downy.  Has anyone else been having this 
occur at their h-bird feeders during this dry summer?

Sara Jane Hymes


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