I’ve visited Sapsucker Woods on several mornings this week, finding a
modest array of migrants each day, but nothing very rare.  TENNESSEE,
NASHVILLE, and MAGNOLIA WARBLERS have been especially evident.  Yesterday I
found my first SWAINSON’S THRUSH of the season along the little spur
connecting the road and the power-line corridor on the Dryden side.  Many
details from many birders are available every day from eBird’s “Explore a
Region” tool.

Even when the songbirds are hard to find, multiple GREEN HERONS have
offered consistently excellent viewing throughout September.  Particularly
entertaining were one adult’s efforts yesterday to defy Archimedes and
traverse the lily-strewn Fuller Wetlands like an aspiring Northern Jacana.
I think we all feel like this bird sometimes…


Mark Chao


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