Carol's post reminded me that we have had RB Nuthatches visiting our feeder
for most of the summer. Lately it's been two (at least) at a time. These
birds are not flustered in the slightest by my presence near the feeders.
We take them down every night to discourage raccoon visits, and the
nuthatches and chickadees will keep coming for seed even as I am taking the
feeders off the hooks.

My guess is that the RB's like the Hemlock Forest we live in, as they were
a rarity at Comfort Rd only 4 miles away, where we were on the edge of a
mixed hardwood forest with a meadow adjoining.

We also still have Purple Finches and RB Grosbeaks daily, as well as the
usual suspects including the audible local Ravens and Red-shouldered Hawks



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