The resident ravens around my Lodi farm have been much more vocal lately, but I 
haven't seen any large groups moving through. Two days ago, while harvesting 
rampant tomatillos from my compost pile, I saw a single raven giving chase to a 
leucistic red-tail, with three crows mobbing close behind and two other ravens 
in tumble-play flight. Always good to look up when picking!

-- Margaret Shepard
Sage Hen Farm, Lodi

<> on behalf of Liz Brown 
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2016 11:01 AM
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Ravens on the move...

Just now, out doing chores at our place in Mecklenburg, I watched  13 ravens 
drift south in a loose kettle. They were vocalizing, and doing some lazy 
acrobatics, but mostly just spiraling southward. We have a resident family 
group--and because we have a bakery on the property, with a delicious compost 
pile, we see a LOT of them--but I've never seen such a big group.

After a few minutes, 4 of them (I'm assuming "our" family) split from the rest 
and returned northward, 2 flying in a tight pair, and 2 following them. As soon 
as they left the group, the remaining 9 veered east, and began flying 
purposefully towards Ithaca.

Any ideas what that was all about?

Liz Brown

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