Took a walk through Ringwood preserve this morning. Lots of chipmunks about. 
Eventually I found a small mixed flock including two LBJs which I think are 
Bay-breasted warblers (faint streaks around neck area, legs not yellow, 
small-head/short-tail look), then a beautiful hooded warbler who soon started 
singing abbreviated songs, and a black-throated blue warbler (male breeding 
plumage) coming in close to check me out as they seem to like to do.

As I walked I would frequently hear choruses of clucking chipmunks (their 
aerial predator warning) with some blue jay complaints from high in the canopy, 
but never could I find the threat even with my infrared camera. When I reached 
the gully at the west, I finally heard the call of a red-shouldered hawk, and 
later saw a probable one flying low across the forest, long-tailed and 
Cooper-like in shape. Not long after another big bird took off from a low 
branch, though I failed to catch any detail. There was a variety of funny 
wailing vocalizations happening, some possibly squirrel, some possibly blue jay 
as they ended in piping notes. And then I heard a very strange long howl like a 
human's falsetto that ended in the "yurr" of a barred owl's call. It was either 
a barred owl or someone messing with me. I was reminded of last year's muckrace 
when the barred owl on Van Dyne Spoor would make all kinds of sounds that had 
almost human-like qualities.

They've posted warnings about bow hunting season being in progress.


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