I just wanted to add a couple comments to Donna Scotts post about the refuge. I 
drove around the drive this morning and was very impressed with the new eagle 
sculpture by a local artist. With a 25 foot wingspan, I think it will get 
noticed by most people on the thruway (at least those heading east). I know a 
lot of people have said how they have driven past the refuge many times before 
finally stopping to check it out, maybe this will encourage more to stop.

While the wildlife drive is not open to pedestrians or bicycles yet, there are 
plans to open sections along the drive, hopefully by next year. Currently there 
are 4 locations on the drive that you may get out of your car; by the spillway 
(next to the Carp sign), at the photo blind, at Benning Marsh, and at the new 
viewing platform (next to the eagle sculpture). Your cooperation (and following 
the 15 mph speed limit) are greatly appreciated. These rules are designed to 
reduce disturbance to wildlife (and it does make a difference). Also, be 
advised that due to construction on the drive, you may encounter 2-way traffic, 
thank you.

Mark Miller

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