Our regular RB Nuthatch pair were early birds today at our feeders. But 
a Hairy Woodpecker at the suet was surprisingly the first, at about 7am. 
Juncos next , then Goldfinches and then the RB Nuthatches and 
Chickadees. Hoping to see a Carolina Wren which has been coming to the 
suet occasionally.

Yesterday I was surprised to see clear tracks of a Gray Fox in the snow. 
Starting from under our driveway deer-fence gate, they led absolutely 
straight right through the front and side yards to the back yard and 
unwavering straight across the backyard towards a low hole in the 
deer-fence where squirrels and woodchucks (and the fox!) have dug a 
small hole for their entry. The very direct route of over a 100 yards 
indicates this must be a well-established regular route. We have seen a 
gray fox family eating raspberries in our fenced garden in the summer 
but we have not noticed tracks in the winter.

Time to go off for the Bird Count down Dodge Rd. Happy New Year!

Nari Mistry,
Ellis Hollow Rd.

*Nari B. Mistry*,
Ithaca, NY
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