Thanks to Paul Anderson for this summary of the compilation.
Also a shout out of thanks to all of the count area coordinators:
I Colleen Richards
II Bob McGuire
III  Marie Reed
IV  Laura Stenzler
V  Sandy (and Lisa) Podulka
VI Asher Snodgrass
VII Josh Snodgrass
VII  Ken Rosenberg
IX  Mark Chao
Feeders  Donna Scott

Thanks to Kevin McGowan for the incredible slides of the birds seen (or missed) 
on the count.

And thanks to the more than 140 participants who helped make all this happen.  
What a fun way to start off 2017.


Jody W. Enck, PhD
Conservation Social Scientist
and President of the Cayuga Bird Club
Ithaca, NY

From: Paul Anderson
Sent: Sunday, January 1, 2017 10:31 PM
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Preliminary bird count results

We just did the bird count compilation. Below are some preliminary highlights 
based on today's numbers and comparison with data from all previous 54 years.
90 species were seen today. This was the same as last year. 
We observed 41875 individuals, up from our 10-year average of 37638.
We have 1 count week species confirmed (Glaucous gull). Last year we had 10 
count week species.
We had these high counts:
• Bufflehead: 27; previous high was 21
• Hooded Merganser: 67; previous high was 52
• Ruddy Duck: 30; previous was 23
• Double-crested Cormorant: 7; previous was 6
The only bird never seen before on the count day was the Ross's Goose. This was 
a count week species in 2012.
A House Wren was reported in area 7, only the second time one has been reported 
on the day (1994).

A few notable misses:
• Canvasback (also missed last year, but was previously 48/54)
• Northern Harrier; first miss since 1988, previously 43/54.
And finally a few that we got by the skin of our teeth (1 individual, but where 
we were expecting more):
• Purple Finch
• Swamp Sparrow
• Yellow-rumped Warbler
I'll post more details as these numbers get double-checked and confirmed.

Paul Anderson, VP of Engineering, GrammaTech, Inc.
531 Esty St., Ithaca, NY 14850
Tel: +1 607 273-7340 x118; 
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