Stu Krasnoff and I made  quick trip up the lake to view the Snowy Owls at the 
Finger Lakes Airport. From the pull-off on Martin Road, just east of the 
runway, we could see one owl perched on a snowbank. Right after we got on it it 
dropped out of sight behind the snow, so we drove on into the airport. From the 
station buildings we immediately saw that both owls were perched on the snow 
and were able to take good photos. As I walked along the fence I noticed a 
small field bird feeding in the grass about ten feet away. This turned out to 
be an unusually late Savannah Sparrow. It was also good for photos which I will 
try to post later in an eBird report.

We went into the station building, and the guy on duty (short black hair & 
beard) invited us to go through and out next to the runway. At that point we 
were about 100 ft away from the owls.

Bob McGuire

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