Did my annual early January trip to Cayuga Lake with my friend Dan Watkins.
First stop was the Dandy Mart in Slaterville and we saw the EASTERN SCREECH
OWL roosting in the same hole as last year.

Then we hit Stewart Park but missed the Ross's Goose. But the shear numbers
of birds here is awesome for us since all of our small ponds and larger
lakes are frozen now. There also has been a lot of ice in the rivers so our
waterfowl and gulls are in dribs and drabs and not concentrated like at
Stewart Park or other parts of Cayuga Lake.  Best birds for us were
PIED-BILLED GREBE and a decent flock of REDHEADS among many others.

Next stop was Ladoga, and Myer's Point and there really wasn't much up
there that we hadn't seen at Stewart. Long Point State Park also was sparse
but we did get 5 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS from the bluffs over Aurora Bay.

The best concentration of waterfowl was found from "Cayuga Lake Near
Railroad Tracks Rte 90, Cayuga County, New York, US" This was the name of
the ebird hotspot. There were at least 5000 ducks in two long rafts well to
the south of the viewing spot and we couldn't really ID anything. Lighting
was poor too. But the spot we were at can be seen from this google map link
https://goo.gl/maps/aeQuP15nzmx  The two long rafts were closer to "Fire
lane 21" probably where the stream flows out. There were two hunting boats
and decoys north of these rafts but they were not heading down to where the
ducks were suggesting they weren't allowed to hunt down there. This is
worth checking out if someone has the time.

We also saw close up views of the typical waterfowl at Mill Pond In Union
Springs. Nothing usual but nice looks at GADWALL, REDHEADS, AMERICAN WIGEON
and BUFFLEHEAD among others.

Then we got on the SNOWY OWL at the Finger Lakes Airport following up on
Jay McGowan's RBA report. We only found one of the two birds there and we
saw this bird from Martin Road just east of the airport buildings. See:

Then from Lower Lake road there was a nice raft of aythya genus much closer
and we had all typical aythya species except CANVASBACK. Most of the birds
were in a very tight pack and were REDHEADS like usual. see:

We totaled 58 species in the Cayuga Basin today. A great start to the new
year for us.

Happy New Year and Birding to all!!
Dave Nicosia


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