This morning Diane Morton and I went to the Finger lakes Regional Airport to 
see the reported Snowy Owls. We saw the two of them near the runway in the 
grass. We went in the terminal to ask permission to get close enough to 
photograph them. The man in charge and his family were there. He said an 
Ornithologist from Rochester had been there earlier who caught, banded, and 
weighed them. He also took blood samples to research their precise origin. He 
said one of them was a  5 1/2 month old female which was well nourished. I 
don't remember what he said about the other owl.

After that, we drove down Seybolt Road. Just south of Canoga Road, there was a 
Northern Shrike sitting on a wire. 

We then went to Cayuga State Park where we saw a huge raft of ducks north of 
the boat launch which had all the likely Aythya species including Ruddy Ducks 
and American Wigeon. In the middle of the lake we saw two Mute Swans and 10 
Tundra Swans.  The weather was deteriorating 

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