I walked through the woods along Fall Creek to the Boat House and along the
shore of Stewart Park.  I saw Common Mergansers and heard a kingfisher
along the creek.  I saw two cormorants out on a log, far out; and then what
I thought might have been two grebes, but they were dabbling far out.  They
came closer, and I could see dark markings as a cap and eyeline, body brown
like a female mallard, tail had black on the upper side, legs orange, lower
mandible yellow.  I'm still not sure what they were.  any suggestions?
juvenile BLACK DUCKS?

There were many geese and gulls, as usual.  Then I had a nice surprise: two
swans very close to shore, bathing, then standing.  They were twice as big
as the Canada geese nearby.  I could not see any yellow lore and their
heads/necks/wings looked very dirty, so I'm thinking juvenile TRUMPETER
SWANS?  If anyone can verify or correct me, that would be great!  Thanks.


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