So on more careful consideration, and sage input from Bill Evans, I'm going
to retract that bold report, and go with female red-winged blackbird. Which
made more sense to me, given the fellowship with the cowbirds. Ah well.
Welcome to my feeders, blackbirds! They also showed up in the last March 14
(1993) snowstorm in huge numbers.

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 4:57 PM, Karen Edelstein <> wrote:

> Oddly enough, the small flock of brown-headed cowbirds gorging on black
> oil sunflower seed included a very bossy female rose-breasted grosbeak. I
> didn't believe Joe at first when he told me, but just watched it with my
> own eyes.
> He also saw a phoebe looking for shelter from the storm earlier this
> morning, poking about in the eves behind our kitchen.
> Vagrants courtesy of this nor'easter?
> Karen
> Salmon Creek Rd, Lansing


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