During the last NYS Breeding Bird Atlas period (2000-2005), field workers who 
submitted breeding records for Threatened species or species of Special Concern 
were subsequently asked to provide DEC with additional information (locations).

Is it true that eBird has not yet implemented data output for breeding records? 
If so, does this mean that a land management entity like DEC or the US Forest 
Service can't just consult eBird for Confirmed or Probable breeding locations 
of Threatened or Special Concern species that might be impacted by management, 
but instead has to make special requests? Do management planners routinely make 
such requests? 

I ask this because in my area (Danby/Newfield) I've seen several recent DEC 
actions that look like they could easily have been modified if location 
information had been available.

-Geo Kloppel

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> Josh,
> Great job compiling conservation status information on these birds! 


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