Beautiful day to be outside! We took our dog for a walk at Sampson State Park this afternoon and as we were walking on the road that leads to the gate on the north end, where the private housing abuts the park, we saw hundreds of Snow Geese flying just above the lake from north to south. We watched a continuous stream go past that 'window' over the gate for over a minute. The flight was underway when we rounded the slight bend so have no idea how many total. We also could hear them barking to west and it sounded like perhaps they had landed on Seneca Lake but the lake isn't visible from the road there.

Also at that spot at the north end of the park we saw a pair of Bald Eagles soaring together, first fairly low but gradually spiraling higher & higher until they were high enough that their white heads and tails could not be seen except with binoculars and they were hard to see at certain angles even if you knew where to look. Anyone know where there is a nest near there?

Back in Ovid, we still have one each Fox Sparrow (down from two), Am Tree Sparrow, and White Throated Sparrow, along with the usual feeder birds and occasional sorties by various black birds.



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