Yesterday I saw & heard a male B ORIOLE in my apple tree. Tho i now have put 
out oranges on tree branches & dish of jelly, have not seen him. 
Yesterday evening I had 3 male ROSE BR. GROSBEAKS eating sunflower seeds at 
back yd feeders. 
Now today i think I have a 4th individual because this guy, tho all back white 
& rosy as for a male, has a rather spotty head with remnants of a white eyebrow 
or line on each side of head. 
While outside early today, replenishing birdfood in front yard, saw 5 CEDAR 
WAXWINGS eating the petals of apple blossoms. Watched for awhile & they ate a 
lot of petals. 
Something new every day!

Donna Scott
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