In Bangladesh trained otters herd fish into fishing nets, and in Japan cormorants involuntarily fish for their owners, so maybe having fresh fish caught and delivered by an eagle isn't as special as I think but it was cool. Earlier today I was returning to our house after an hour of spectacularly fruitless birding and stopped dead when I saw a 13" long, 1 lb 9 oz bass, lying in the middle of the driveway. She was not moving at all but her eye was clear and she seemed extremely fresh. When I turned her over I found a talon mark and also realized she had been laying eggs when she was nabbed or else desperately tried to release them in response, largely unsuccessfully. At that moment I heard the beating of large wings and looked up to see an immature eagle taking off and heading across the lake, with purpose - it had been screened by a spruce tree but apparently had been watching from the top of a nearby tree, only about 30' away.

Looks like bass filets for dinner. Anyone ever tried to cook bass roe, or any roe no longer contained in its sac?



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