In the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve on Wednesday morning at about
7:30 AM, Annie Wexler and Tony Gaenslen found a bird that we all believe
was a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT.  Annie provided the following details to me by

The bird was in the island of brush and trees at the bottom of the long
slope that crosses the first meadow, where the blue-blazed trail goes
through a gap with this island to the left and the turn to Coleman Lake on
the right.  They had a close look for about five minutes, right there by
this gap, as the bird sat still and silent, low in the vegetation.  The
bird had a bright yellow throat and breast contrasting with a white belly
and tan upperparts.  Annie notes emphatically that the bird was quite
large, larger than any warbler.  She notes her conviction that it was not a
Yellow-throated Vireo because of size and overall appearance, which closely
matches the chat but not other birds in her field guide.

Mark Chao


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