While walking Beebe Lake/Mundy early yesterday afternoon, I saw an OSPREY carrying a fish and heading in a generally easterly direction (going to Game Farm Road??). Also, while walking Comstock Knoll, I once again heard a PINE WARBLER. Finally, I ran into another birder at the upper end of Beebe (sorry, can't remember her name!). When we see each other on rare occasions, we'll discuss what birds we've been seeing. She was puzzled by the call of one particular bird, which she described as like a Robin, but with a sore throat. Focusing only on the "sore throat", I half-heartedly mentioned the possibility of yellow-throated vireo. I didn't have time to stay there and think what else it might be, so we left each other, walking in opposite directions. A very short time later it finally came to me. I said to myself, you dummy it was a scarlet tanager! By then we were too far apart for me to tell her. I hope she reads this message! I had heard a scarlet tanager a few days before at Beebe doing the same song, and I too was initially perplexed. It took me a short time, before the name of the bird came to me. Being a mostly casual birder, at the start of each new season I find myself having difficulty pulling out the names of birds singing songs that sound all too familiar --- sort of like starting all over!!


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