Jogging through the Mulholland Preserve at Six Mile Creek this morning, I
had two encounters with low-flying Louisiana Waterthrushes chipping loudly.
Without binoculars, I got to see one close in a tree, looking fully fledged
but lacking a tail (which didn't stop it from bobbing), behaving as if it
were trying to learn whether I was friend or foe, and also seeming like it
was following a parent, who was foraging along the creek (though I didn't
stay long enough to observe any begging or feeding). I think there is/are
fledgling(s), and the two observations were in two different basins between
a tight "wall" along the gorge, so they could well have been two families,
but also close enough that they could've been the same family having flown
by at some point without me noticing.



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