We FINALLY saw a female hummer 20 May. Next time was 27 May. 3rd time 
was 4 June. Feeder is outside our kit. window.

First BLUEBIRDS & HOUSE WRENS hatched 5 days ago. TREE SWALLOWS hatched 
yesterday. Swallow box is on the clothes line arm, 27 ft. from the house 
& where we & others walk by.  House sparrows are here in greater numbers 
than ever, along with starlings but seem to be occupied with their own 

Maybe, hopefully, with this warmer weather we'll see more insects & more 
bird activity.

Union Springs

On 6/8/2017 10:51 AM, W. Larry Hymes wrote:
> Yesterday afternoon our first HOUSE WREN of the year popped into our 
> yard and investigated one of our nest boxes.  This is around one month 
> later than usual.  Also, on my walk around Beebe and Mundy yesterday I 
> was hearing more RED-EYED VIREOS than I had before. Are more birds 
> still migrating in, or was this just coincidental? We still haven't 
> had any HUMMINGBIRDS, since seeing our first one on May 11.
> Larry


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