We have a hummingbird feeder, but it's not in a place where we can always 
monitor it. We first saw it used on 19 May by a female Ruby-throated 
Hummingbird. It was several days before we saw one/her again, but we now 
believe she visits regularly, although she is quiet and would be easy to 

On Tuesday (6 June) afternoon I was by Newman Golf Course wondering about the 
possibility of Yellow-throated Warblers in the Sycamore trees, and I noticed 
that those trees' foliage looks sparse. (I think the newest leaves are dying. 
If anyone knows what's going on with them please let me know.) While I was 
stopped I saw a female hummingbird at some weeds nearby, carrying what looked 
like a wad of Cottonwood fluff in her bill. This white blob made her easy 
enough to follow that I saw where she took it. She's building a nest on the 
fork of a Sycamore twig. It has lots of fluff with several bits of lichen 
attached. I've checked several times since, and only seen her at work in the 
middle of the day, not early morning nor late evening, but there seems to be 
progress still. I'll keep you updated if I note any milestones. 

--Dave Nutter

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