I haven't been doing as much birding or traveling for birding this spring as in 
previous years, so my sampling is sparse, but here goes: 
I heard Blackpoll Warblers from plenty of random places over a goodly span of 
time, so they did not strike me as missing, nor late, nor rare. 
I only went to the Hawthorns a couple times and found it to be on the quiet 
side, but I chalked that up to my own poor timing (and hearing and technique). 
I agree the cold air that sat on us for such a long time likely caused migrants 
to wait south of us then jump past us. I can't explain why there are still odd 
shorebirds, gulls, and terns showing up, so there may be some general mix-up, 
which again may be weather-related. 
I also agree that some species are likely just being knocked out by loss of 
As for hummingbirds, sample size 2, we still have a female attending our 
feeder, and the nest-start which I discovered on the 6th appeared complete by 
the 12th, with incubation starting by the 13th, still underway today (17th), 
and with luck to continue for some time. 
It's certainly possible there's been a huge knock-back in populations, but I 
haven't been out enough to see it.  
--Dave Nutter

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