Again this year my overgrown yard at the base of West Hill in the City of 
Ithaca supports a show of fireflies. We first noticed them yesterday evening 
and it's too soon to tell if numbers are down, but at least they are not 

Bats are scarce, though. We saw one during an early warm spell this spring, and 
we worried it might not have aerial plankton to sustain it. Then we saw none 
for weeks. Recently we've seen one on a few evenings but not every evening. In 
past years there were commonly 2 or 3 pretty reliably. It's possible that this 
year we are not out looking as diligently though. 

To redeem this as a birding post, I will add that this morning in an unusual 
occurrence a male Black-and-white Warbler visited our yard, singing 
persistently while foraging in a maple tree (okay, it was our neighbor's tree, 
but I'm still counting it!). Eventually his songs moved farther off to another 
yard down the street. I guess he was cruising rather than defending a 

--Dave Nutter


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