A week or two we had no tree swallows. Now 5 or 6 boxes have Tree Swallows! The 
Bluebird pair has abandoned their box here on the street but the male came down 
tonight to get some spring water! We have 2 male and 2 female Rose-breasted 
Grosbeaks coming often to the feeders. Many grackles, many blue Jays, MANY 
woodpeckers - Downy, Hairy, and Red-bellied are coming. Downy and Hairy have 
young. Two pairs of Towhees and at least one Ovenbird. Oh!- chickadees are 
rare. I suspect they will show up soon with their young. There is a Robin 
nesting in one barn and a Phoebe often feeding from a Lilac Bush. There are NO 
Ring-billed gulls at Barns & Nobel. I suspect they too are attending to eggs or 

In short, birds are back to normal here at Spring Street in Endicott. I would 
go as far as saying more than normal.  

Glenn Wilson
Endicott, NY


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