For a while the only evidence I had that hummingbirds were around was that the nectar level would drop in the feeders. However, woodpeckers like to drink the nectar too. But since my monarda started blooming I've been seeing them on a more regular basis and the past few days I've seen two at a time, chasing each other. I haven't seen an adult male for a few days. A hummingbird moth has joined in the monarda celebration.


On 7/27/2017 3:21 PM, W. Larry Hymes wrote:
As we were talking with our son Chris in our living room on Tuesday, he exclaimed excitedly, "A hummingbird just came to your feeder!!" It moved out of sight, but soon returned. We had not seen one at our feeders since May 11!!!!!!!! I've written about this phenomenon before. To paraphrase the "Field of Dreams" movie, when he's here, the birds will come!!!!! This is probably purely a matter of coincidence. HOWEVER, it has happened enough times before to make me suspect that perhaps other "forces" may be at play.

Have others of you been seeing hummingbirds of late? If not, maybe I could send our son to your house!



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