Merlin, the Lab of O’s smartphone app, recently got an Elf Owl’s sincerest form 
of endorsement.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton might have called that July night in Big Bend as black as 
the back of a Common Blackhawk (and verifiably, too, since a pair were nesting 
in the particular campground).   Driving away at the end of my night of owling, 
at least two Elfs set up a commotion in the brush close by as a shape 
resembling a Great Horned Owl’s sailed through my headlights.

Replaying Merlin’s Elf Owl to confirm the ID, I got an immediate answer from a 
rustling in the bushes scarcely an arm’s length away!  Score one for Merlin as 
implemented on the iPhone.

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