Hi All,

Fall migration is starting to pick up.  Within the last few days, I have
had in my yard Nashville Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Veery, Red-eyed Vireo
and several other species that don't nest in my yard.  I always have loved
August.  Even as a kid growing up on a farm in south-central PA, I remember
flights of Mourning Doves starting to build and move around.  It is a
season of restlessness.  The crescendo is building, and I can't wait.

Several of my friends in Honduras (yes, I know that is out of the Cayuga
Lake basin) have posted about seeing some of the first migrants of the fall
showing up there in the last week.  Many of my friends there told me that
they look forward to fall migration down there as much as we look forward
to spring migration up here.

If you are interested in re-visiting with some of the birds that breed up
here while they are on their wintering grounds, the Sister Bird Club
Network can help with that.  I am working hard to arrange for two Cayuga
Bird Club trips in 2018.  One in January will visit birds and bird clubs in
Honduras.  The other trip in March will go to Costa Rica.  Email me if you
want more information about the Sister Bird Club Network, the Cayuga Bird
Club, or either of these trips.

Jody Enck


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