It was a great evening after the rain to see birds on Dryden Lake.

Three caspian terns (I think) plus two other terns that novice me cannot 
identify, an (American) bittern buried in the reeds on the north point (only my 
third ever), three presumably young wood duck males, three green herons perched 
in trees,
 two great blue heron, seven RT hummingbirds battling and diving over the 
butterfly bushes (the most this summer!), several Baltimore oriole families (I 
assume families, 11 birds in all, all shades of orange to dull yellow, swarming 
grape jelly, the hummer feeders, ripping off panicles from the butterfly bushes 
and seeming to chase the hummers(?); orioles also spent time pecking at the 
cups in the Silphium perfoliatum. 

Four cardinals, four phoebes, 1 kingbird, 1 kingfisher, 2 flickers, 1 downy 
woodpecker, 9 cedar waxwings, several catbirds stripping elderberries and large 
numbers of really adorable (sorry but I think they are beautiful and 
interesting ) immature Eur starlings feeding on the Rhys typhina drupes - so 
much fun to watch them tumbling about! Goldfinches still flying off with old 
cotton batting - isn't it late for nesting, even for them?

Those were my highlights. So much activity. Lots of youngsters everywhere.  
Beautiful evening with so much birdsong, hard to come indoors.

Nita Irby


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