You may recall me mentioning my friend Reuben Stoltzfus. He's an excellent 
birder whom I first met on one of the Knox-Marsellus shorebird walks several 
years ago, along with his wife, a sister (both also birders), and a quiet 
infant. His family would like to go on the field trip tomorrow. Some of you who 
were on my Montezuma overnight SFO trip this spring will remember the lovely 
time we had looking for field birds and watching a Great Horned Owl nest at 
their farm. Quiet, sweet folks, all of them. They are Amish, and their usual 
drivers are off for the holiday weekend. My car can only take 4 of them, but 
they are 5 total. If anyone going on this trip would be willing to pick up some 
or all of them in Ovid about 6:15am and bring them back from East Rd afterward 
(they are flexible about the return time and understand that the walk may last 
till at least noon), please call me ASAP at 607-229-2158. There's a breakfast 
sandwich in it for you as well as good company. Thanks!
--Dave Nutter


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