This afternoon Dominic Sherony and a I visited the Martens Tract overlook 
for the previously reported Red-necked and Wilson's Phalaropes seen as recently 
as this am. We found the Red-necked but no Wilson's. The water level was up a 
lot from the day before and birds were leaving as we watched. 1 Stilt and 1 
White-rumped Sandpiper were the remaining highlights. A Merlin passing through 
twice didn't help. An American Bittern flushed from the grasses along the dike 
to the east.
     On to the main pool. The visitor center "pond" had been partially plowed 
and is waiting for water. The highlight along the first leg of the wildlife 
drive was the 24(at least) Bald Eagles perched on just about every snag along 
the river. This combined with 15 more at Knox-Marcellus marsh was amazing. We 
did not scan nesting sites and only saw 1 adult so many more out there 
somewhere. The main pool had good numbers of American Wigeon newly added to the 
couple hundred Coot.
    Benning Marsh had good habitat with 1 White-rumped and several Stilt 
sandpipers giving close views. Along the thruway a Peregrine Falcon harassed a 
Harrier then failed at a pass at a small flock of Peep overhead. 
    The north end of Knox-Marcellus marsh was very birdy! The water was up a 
lot from the weekend and waterfowl numbers were back up to earlier numbers but 
with greater numbers of Am. Wigeon and Northern Pintail joining the increasing 
Teal and Mallard numbers. Lesser Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpiper groups 
arrived and left as we watched. We found another Red- necked Phalarope for the 
highlight but lost it in the Eagle caused shuffles. Great habitat so it should 
be a great spot with the upcoming weather changes. Dominic has entered ebird 
checklists. Mike Tetlow

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