I prefer to get my car serviced at picturesque places out in the country so I 
can be surrounded by nature while I wait. 
While getting new tires at Pete's Tires on Bone Plain Road near Sheldon Road, 
in Town of Dryden, I was able to bird around the property the whole time I 

Besides a thicketed wetland with a little stream running through it across the 
road, there are three,  tiered, beaver ponds with nice mudflats, where I've 
seen Spotted Sandpiper's in the past. 

And this day (8/30) I saw a pair of Eastern Kingbirds, at least two pairs of 
American Goldfinch, several juvenile American Robins, a Green Heron and a Great 
Blue Heron, flycatcher spp. , a female Belted Kingfisher, an immature Osprey 
perched on a skinny dead tree, A. Crows, Gray Catbirds, an un-identified 
warbler, & domestic chickens crowing. 

Donna Scott
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