Greetings Cayugabirders,

Tonight, in the vicinity of the observatory atop Mount Pleasant, there will be 
microphones set up for listening to calls of night migrating birds, a thermal 
camera detecting and imaging their heat radiation, as well as live NEXRAD radar 
for visualizing the migration over the broader region. Chris Tessaglia-Hymes 
will be demonstrating the Cornell Bioacoustic Research Program’s spectrographic 
analysis software called Raven for visualizing and helping identify short 
songbird flight calls.  We also plan to submit an eBird report for the evening.

The forecast is for mostly clear skies, temps dropping into the high 40s F, and 
northerly winds 5-10 mph.  It looks like a good migration night with steady 
passage of songbirds and other species. The birds will likely be flying high 
and difficult to hear by unaided ear, but the microphones should allow us to 
tune into an amazing density of birds moving high above.

Each listening station can accommodate up to four listeners (8 total). Bring a 
folding chair or two and your own headphones or earbuds if you have them.

Hartung-Boothroyd Observatory
Mt Pleasant Rd, Freeville, NY 13068
42.458252, -76.384655

Time: 8:30PM-11PM

Dress warmly, bring a blanket, flashlight, hot tea, etc.

Please be respectfully quiet while near others who are listening to the 

Also, please be careful parking along side of Mt. Pleasant Road, and bring a 
flashlight to aid walking in the dark.

See you tonight!

Bill Evans


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