Yesterday at about 5:30 pm I was sitting outside enjoying the last of 
the warm weather, when a Merlin zoomed from the south straight as an 
arrow to the top of a 75ft spruce next to our porch. As it sat surveying 
our yard I ran in and got my binoculars to make sure it was not a 
Kestrel, although the high-speed direct flight was typical of a Merlin. 
It was a male Merlin, fresh clean plumage.

Within seconds a foolish or unaware BlueJay landed just 10ft below the 
Merlin, which looked down curiously at the BlueJay but to my surprise 
decided not to launch an attack. The BJay soon flew off but the Merlin 
sat around some more and finally flew off North. Its behavior made me 
suspect it was a young bird.

Nari Mistry

Ellis Hollow Rd

*Nari B. Mistry*,
Ithaca, NY
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