On Friday evening a friend called me saying friends of hers had a Red-tailed 
Hawk with an injured wing under their porch in downtown Ithaca. I asked 
CayugaBirds-L if someone was willing to help them. Candace Cornell quickly 
volunteered. I gave her the contact info, and she and her husband were 
immediately on their way. 

Several other people also quickly gave this useful advice for dealing with such 
a large injured bird:
1) protect your eyes and hands (talons are raptors’ threat, although the 
stabbing bill of birds like loons, herons, or the chomping bill of a Cardinal 
can hurt you)
2) toss a large towel or blanket over the bird
3) put the blanketed bird in a cardboard box either by quickly scooping it up 
or by putting the box over it and flipping them over together, then cover/close 
the box (not airtight of course)
4) take it to the Cornell University Vet School’s Swanson Wildlife Clinic. It’s 
on Hungerford Hill Rd on the east/uphill side near the end at Snyder Hill Rd. 
They can be reached at 607-253-3060 or there is an emergency button to push 
there. They have a vet on call 24/7. The service is free.

Candace reported that the finders misidentified the large injured bird at night 
under their porch, which is not surprising. What is surprising is that it was a 
female Ring-necked Pheasant, which I have never seen in downtown Ithaca. 
Candace suspected it had been struck by a car. I wonder if it also had ridden 
clinging to the grille to the downtown location. She did not know whether the 
wildlife vets would try to save a pheasant, a non-native species which is 
raised to be shot. Two pieces of good news, though: No hawk got hurt, and 
Candace was happy to rescue the bird regardless of species. 

- - Dave Nutter

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