This afternoon, Laura Stenzler and Ton Schat directed attention to a dark ibis 
they found north of Armitage Rd, west of rt 38 north of Monezuma. I was birding 
nearby, and headed right over. I found the bird, but unfortunately the rain 
started in earnest right then, and the lighting was poor. Also the bird was 
very actively foraging in the far north end of the east-most section of flooded 
farm fields and did not give good looks.

White-faced and Glossy ibis are about equally likely to occur here. The bird 
looked like a non-breeding-plumaged adult, with no white on the face to help 
with ID (broad white in White-faced, thin white stripes in Glossy). It was way 
too far away, and the light was way too dim for me to be able to see if there 
was any red in the face or not. I could not tell which species it was.

Unless someone else gets better looks or better photos, I have to put it down 
as "Plegadis sp." or "Glossy/White-faced Ibis."


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