Good afternoon,

I realize that a corncrake (Crex crex) isn't a Finger Lakes visitor, but it is 
such a rarity that I wanted to share it here! I myself have not seen the bird, 
but belong to the groups "Birds of the Eastern United States" and "New York 
Birders" on Facebook, and have been seeing sightings and photos pouring in.

Here is what one of the more recent FB posts re: corncrake says:

"Photographed in the early morning at Cedar Beach, Long Island, NY on November 

"Corn Crake still being seen as of 10:50am (11/8)"

Apparently the last one seen was in the 60's, shot by a hunter on LI who 
mistook it for a pheasant. They are in the rail family, but differ from their 
more aquatic cousins in that they spend much of their time on dry land 
(landrail). From the accounts I've been reading, the location is mayhem with 
police presence to keep traffic moving and to prevent people from clogging up 
the side of the roads. Corncrakes breed in Europe/southern Russia/Western Asia, 
and migrate to southern Africa. How or why this little bird made it here is I'm 
sure, an amazing story.

Just wanted to share this cool event with everyone.

Happy birding!

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