As many of you are aware, this eList service experienced an unplanned outage 
from early on 13 November until just this morning. This resulted from a major 
outage caused by a failure in a storage array in the server farm housing many 
Cornell University services. Cornell Information Technology (CIT) has been 
working around the clock to bring everything back online again. Several 
University services are still offline.

Details and updates about this unplanned outage may be monitored here:

As far as I understand, older submissions to this eList remain in the queue and 
should be sent out as soon as the eList comes completely back online.

If you don’t see your previously submitted message posted here<>
 (Google: The Mail Archive, Cayugabirds-L), and if you feel it is still 
relevant today, please feel free to re-send to the eList once again and verify 
that it appears at The Mail Archive.

We have grown so accustomed to having certain internet services at our 
fingertips, that when these relied-upon services disappear, it can be quite a 

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and good birding!

Chris T-H

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
Listowner, Cayugabirds-L
Ithaca, New York<>
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