Gin & I got to see the RH Woodpecker at Palmer Woods around noon today, 
courtesy of Wes Blauvelt  who kindly showed us where he had just seen it 
. We had been walking in the woods looking in all the wrong places 
around the top of the rise, but enjoying the balmy weather anyway when 
Wes came along and helped us out.

It was where it has been reported all along, on the large oak close to 
the Red marked trail, ~300 yds southwards from the head of the trail at 
Triphammer Rd. just opposite Iroquois Rd.

Our only earlier sighting in Ithaca had been on Coddington Road ages 
ago. Hope everyone gets to go see this friendly Ithaca rarity.

Nari & Gin Mistry

*Nari B. Mistry*,
Ithaca, NY
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