Hi All,

Some of you like to look for hybrid birds.  Just before noon, I found a
wonky male mallard at Stewart Park.  It was hanging around with other
mallards just off the floating pier.  Definitely has something other than
mallard genes in it.  Head is green only on a stripe from the bill, over
the top of the head, to the back of the neck (more or less).  Where it
should be green, it was medium brown (a little lighter but even warmer than
a hen mallard head).  The body also was different.  I took some bad
pictures with my crappy phone camera.  I blew one of those up and cropped
it as much as I dared (until it started getting too fuzzy), and attached it
to my eBird checklist.  You should be able to access it via eBird from the
Stewart Park hotspot lists.  Even my little point and shoot camera would
have been better.  If you are down there, keep a look out for it.  Hold
onto your hat.  The wind just about blew me away when I was there.


Jody W. Enck, PhD
Conservation Social Scientist, and
Founder of the Sister Bird Club Network


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