Yesterday afternoon we had a surprise visitor to our feeders: a European 
Goldfinch! It showed up at first light this morning but hasn’t been seen for 
the past couple of hours.

It's bright, eye-piping coloration (broad yellow wing band, black/red/white 
face) really stood out against the gray flagstones and then the snow-dusted 
grass. I have no idea where it may have come from. There are no recent reports 
of the species on eBird. Most likely it is an escapee (or release). It was 
feeding with a flock of House Finches, and its native range map shows that it 
is capable of surviving cold winters in Europe. 

Unfortunately it is not an ABA countable bird - but lots of fun to see around 
here. Certainly a bright spot in an otherwise gray winter day!

bob McGuire

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