Does the Lab of Ornithology have any information?  How are their feeders
doing? any info from their Feeder Watch data collection?  Sorry if I missed
this info.  My feeders have been relatively silent since years past as
well.  But it seems that the juncos go crazy when I'm not around.  When I
come home, I see their cute little footprints all over the ground within a
five foot radius of the feeder.  I did note several chickadees and two
titmice about a month ago at my feeder, and heard a downy or hairy
woodpecker, but that's about it.  When looking for the Red-headed
Woodpecker in Palmer Woods, which I still have not seen, grrr, I noted many
cardinals, blue jays, juncoes, bluebirds, downy or hairy woodpeckers
feeding in the shrubs which were bountiful with berries and sumac.  I have
noticed *all* conifer trees at the Plantations especially to be bountiful
this year.


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