Regarding the recent postings from Donna Lee Scott and Asher Hocking, I can
report the same unusual patterns in the appearance of feeder birds in
Canandaigua. Activity at our feeders was unusually  light all through the
fall, and even well into November. We assumed this was the result of the
mild fall weather and that birds were finding ample food in the fields that
surround our home. When the cold and snow appeared just a week ago, things
changed and activity increased to include our regular heavy winter feeders,
Juncos, Goldfinches, American Tree Sparrows, etc. Then, on Monday, with the
more mild weather, activity immediately dropped right off sharply, and that
continued into Tuesday. I am expecting to see an upturn again with the
colder weather moving in on Wednesday and Thursday. I do not ever remember
a fall pattern like this and we have lived in the area since 1976. Normally
we have a gradual increase in feeder activity from mid-October on into
winter.   David Marsh, Canandaigua, N.Y.


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