This morning from the lakeshore of Allan H Treman State Marine Park I saw a 
juvenile RED-THROATED LOON on Cayuga Lake somewhere between the piling cluster 
and East Shore Park or a bit farther north. 
On the red lighthouse breakwater a juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL was resting along the 
east edge near the second light post from the south. It appeared rather dusky 
gray on the back, rump, tail, and undertail coverts, but cream above with a 
fine pattern of light brown. The dark eye appears small and outlined in white. 
The wingtips are plain white. The bill is huge, straight, and pink with a black 
tip. The bird is far larger than the nearby Herring Gulls, but it may be 
inconspicuous tucked down in a dip in the similar colored concrete of the 
Duck diversity was a bit down. 
- - Dave Nutter

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